Outlander Tours Scotland – Private tours of Scotland from Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow or bespoke pick-up locations across Scotland

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Venture Highland’s Outlander Tours in Scotland are a unique experience for all fans of the popular Outlander television or book series. 

Our luxury tours of Scotland are all private tours in luxury Mercedes vehicles with your own knowledgeable tour guide.

Set in the breathtaking landscapes and historic sites of Scotland, visitors can explore the real-life locations and filming locations featured in the show.

We can take you to the the clan lands of the Scottish Highlands where the books and series are based on or filming locations for the TV series further south.

On your private outlander tour we will take you to real historical sites, including the burial ground and mausoleum of the Lovat Frasers or The Mackenzie Clan seat at Castle Leod which was the inspiration for Castle Leoch (The Mackenzie clan seat in Outlander). You can find out more about the Castle Viking links, the Pictish origin of the site and opening times on the Castle Leod website.

Doune Castle from above
Aerial View of Doune Castle by Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia

Castle Leoch in the TV series was actually filmed at Doune Castle which is a regular stop on our Outlander tour of filming locations or when we are heading north for an Outlander tour of the the Highlands from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Your Outlander Tour will take you on a journey through time, exploring Scottish history, discovering ancient castles, outlander filming locations, battlegrounds, historical sites, beautiful scenery and so much more. Exploring Jacobite history, folklore, filming locations and some truly magical sites.

Our private tours are totally bespoke so we can include what interests you the most. We can also include an Outlander tour theme with any of our other tours of Scotland. Perhaps you want to see some Outlander sites but your other half wants to see Loch Ness or a Whisky Distillery, no problem, we can create your perfect itinerary for your perfect tour of Scotland.

Originally published as a series of books by author Diana Gabaldon, Outlander tells the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743 Scotland. Back in 1743 Claire meets Jamie Fraser, an adventurous Highlander from the Lovat Fraser clan with whom she embarks on an epic love story that crosses centuries and continents. 

Claire Randall/Fraser, Outlander via Tumblr

The outlander series soon became a beloved global phenomenon, with its fantasy elements combined with romantic storylines captivating viewers around the world.

 Many sites linked with the show and series of books have seen an exponential increase in visitor numbers since following the show and the global interest in Outlander.

The Scottish Highlands provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for this tale of time travel and adventure. From 4000 year old standing stones at Clava Cairns to Culloden Battlefield, Glen Affric , Beaufort Castle, Beauly Priory, Wardlaw Mosaleum or Inverness. 

Traveller’s visiting Scotland’s iconic locations can follow in Jamie and Claire’s footsteps on their own romantic journey through time. 

We provide Outlander tours in the Highlands and in other locations of Scotland, including tours of Outlander filming locations elsewhere in the country.

Outlander Tours from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland

Venture Highlands Outlander Tour from Inverness offer fans an unforgettable opportunity to explore some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery, historical past and sites related to both history and fiction.

During your outlander tour in the Scottish Highlands you’ll discover more about Highland culture, dramatic history and visit important clan monuments such as the Clan Fraser gravesites at Wardlaw Mausoleum or have a walk in the grounds of Castle Leod.

Castle Leod was the inspiration for Castle Leoch in the Outlander books, tv show and is the seat of the Earl of Cromartie – John Mackenzie, Chief of the Clan MacKenzie. 

Our Outlander Tours provide visitors with fascinating facts about both real life events and interesting characters from Diana Gabaldon’s novels that inspired the show. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how real historical figures such as Jamies Grandfather in the show Lord Lovat –  Simon “The Old Fox” Fraser or “Bonnie Prince Charlie” Charles Edward Stuart and how they fit into this incredible saga, then this is certainly the tour for you! 

Outlander Tour from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands

Inverness – River Ness

Outlander Tour sample itinerary – All tours are bespoke

Stop at: The Old High Church, Inverness

Tour the church and graveyard overlooking the River Ness where some of the Jacobite soldiers were imprisoned and executed after Culloden. You can still spot damage to the gravestones from when Jacobite soldiers were being executed after the Battle of Culloden.

Stop at: Abertarff House 71 Church Street, Inverness IV1 1EU Scotland

Abertarff House is the oldest house in Inverness and the former town house of Lord Lovat built in 1543. Located in Church Street, it’s a 2½ storey town house with turnpike stairway. It was previously owned by the Fraser of Lovat family, whose clansmen fought on the Jacobite side at the Battle of Culloden and featured heavily in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books and tv series. The property is currently not open to the public, however, our guided tour can take you past for some local history and Outlander facts.

Stop At: Clava Cairns, Balnuaran of Clava, IV2 5EU Scotland

Clava Cairns is the site of a mystical bronze age burial complex thought to be over 4000 years old. Located not far from Culloden Battlefield and one of 50 similar cairns in the area.

Clava Cairns is also the inspiration for the standing stones in Outlander, although the name Craig Na Dun from the outlander novels and television series is thought to come from the hill Craig Dunain on the west side of Inverness which we will also pass. 

Stop At: Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre, Culloden Moor IV2 5EU Scotland

Visit the world famous Culloden Battlefield the site of the final battle of the 1745 Jacobite Rising and the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil. Enjoy the centre’s 360-degree battle immersion theatre, which puts you right in the heart of the action. 

Discover the true story from both the Jacobite and Government perspectives, in their accredited museum, where weapons and unique artefacts are displayed. See the restored 18th-century Leanach Cottage, spot Highland cows grazing on the battlefield or read the letters written just after the battle led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

 Learn about family ancestry and any links you may have with Culloden.

Stop At: Fort George, Ardersier, Inverness IV2 7TD Scotland

Built by the British Government and started in 1746 after the 1745 Jacobite uprising to prevent further uprisings by the Highlanders and a base for the Redcoats.

Entry and tour of the site is not included in the price. Booking with the venue in advance is advisable.

Pass By: Culloden House Hotel, Culloden, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Culloden House Hotel was the base used for the Jacobites during the battle of Culloden after being requestioned by Prince Charles Edward Stuart prior to the battle. Option for Afternoon Tea (subject to availability) by extending or customising the tour. Afternoon tea package also available, however, this may effect other visits on the trip

Stop At: Castle Leod, Strathpeffer IV14 9AA Scotland

Castle Leod is the seat of the Clan Mackenzie and the Mackenzie Clan Chief Lord Cromartie and is located just outside the small village of Strathpeffer and is widely acknowledged as the inspiration for Castle Leoch from the Outlander novels and Outlander television series.

Castle Leod is steeped in history with beautiful grounds and a garden tree walk with trees planted by Clan Chiefs dating back to the 1500’s, Outlander author Diana Gaboldan has also a tree planted in the gardens.

Stop At: Beauly, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Visit the village of Beauly and Beauly Priory which featured in the Outlander series. Beauly is mentioned and featured in the Outlander series. 

Stop At: Wardlaw Road Wardlaw Mausoleum, Kirkhill, Inverness IV5 7NB

Burial Place and Mausoleum of the Lovat Frasers.

Stop At: Urquhart Castle, A82, Drumnadrochit IV63 6XJ Scotland

We will stop at Urquhart Castle for photo opportunities and some Nessie spotting before heading back along the banks of Loch Ness to Inverness City Centre. 

The Castle did not feature in the filming locations or the book, however, the great glen , loch ness and this area have great historical significance in the era of Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire.

Outlander Locations and regular stops on our Highlands of Scotland Outlander Tours

Castle Leod, Strathpeffer

Castle Leod is Seat of the Clan Mackenzie. The Mackenzies were Jamies maternal family in the series and based on the Clan Mackenzie of Castle Leod and features in the books. The film location for castle Leod was Doune Castle which was named as Castle Leoch in the series.

Beaufort Castle, Lovat Estate, Beauly

Beaufort Castle is not open to the public, however, your tour guide will take you to stunning areas of countryside for a short walk or driveby of Beaufort Castle with interesting facts and local knowledge. 

Beaufort Castle was the Lovat Frasers clan seat and the home of Jamie Frasers grandfather Simon “The old fox” Lovat in in the series. Much the show was based around this area of the Scottish Highlands.

Glen Affric

One of Scotlands most beautiful glens and inspiration for the books. Glen Affric is also and an outlander film location.

Wardlaw Mosaleuam 

The Lovat Frasers burial ground and mausoleum in Kirkhill near Beauly and Beafort Castle. On Our Outlander Tours from Inverness.

Eskadale Church and Cemetry 

Also in Fraser country and lots of links to the Lovat Fraser family.

River Beauly

Visit the River Beauly, Kilmorack Dam on the Lovat Eatate (Salmon Jumping)

A great spot to enjoy the natural scenery of the Lovat Estate down by the River. A great place to watch the Salmon jumping during the season.  

Beauly Priory

Robertson Farm

Situated just outside Beauly and a great stop to sample local produce or meet their resident Highland Cows Jamie Mackenzie Fraser and Katie Morag.

Castle Leod

Home of the Clan Mackenzie and the inspiration for Castle Leoch in the show.

Cats Back, Knockfarrel Hill fort

Knockfarrel Hill fort is a Vitrified Iron age pictish fort with stunning views over the surrounding area. The site gives a great view and totally different perspective of Castle Leod. Knockfarrel Hill Fort is a scheduled ancient monument open to the public who can explore its earthworks and admire its stunning views across the surrounding countryside.

Culloden House Hotel, Culloden, Inverness

Drive by Culloden House Hotel

Used at a Jacobite stronghold during the Battle of Culloden.

Culloden Battlefield

Clava Cairns

Abertarff House

Abertarff House the oldest house in Inverness and former town house of Lord Locvat, Simon “The Old Fox” Fraser. The only house still remaining in Inverness built in 1543. Located in Church Street the property is a 2.5 storey town house. It The property was previously owned by the Lovat Fraser’s but is now under control of the National Trust for Scotland. The Fraser clansmen fought on the Jacobite side at the Battle of Culloden and featured heavily in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. The property is currently not open to the public, however, our private guided tour can take for a walk or drive-by during your tour.

Old High Church – 

Highland Folk Museum – 

Fort George –

Not directly featured in the books or series, however, huge links to the Jacobites, The Scottish highlands and the history of in the aftermath of Culloden.

Inverness Castle, Inverness – Closed for refurbishment 2023.

Closed for refurbishment and due to open in 2025 as a tourist destination.

Top Outlander Film Locations in Scotland

  • Kinloch Rannoch –
  • Blackness Castle – The filming location for Fort William
  • Culross – The home of Claires herb garden the the fictional town of Cranessmuir in the TV series. A must see village with many of the traditional buildings and streets preserved. 
  • Midhope Castle which features as Lallybroch in the show. Jamie Frasers family home
  • Hopetoun House – A Vast stately home and used as the Duke of Sandringhams residence in the Outlander TV series. Just down the road from Midhope Castle.
  • Hill of Row woods near Doune Castle was the filming location for Frasers ridge from season 4.
  • Faskally Forest just north of Pitlochry was the filming location for the scenes with the American Mohawk Indians.
  • Falkland – Played 1940’s Inverness
  • Glen Affric – Inspiration for the books and featured in season 1 of the Outlander TV series.
  • Glen Coe – Season 1 and credits
  • The Royal Mile, Edinburgh – Featured in the novels and series as a set location. 
  • George Sqaure Glasgow – Featured in the TV series and the location where Frank proposed to Claire.
  • Pollok Country Park – Was the set of some of the scenes in France and was used as part of the grounds of the fictional Castle Leoch from the Outlander TV series.

Still wondering if an Outlander Tour is right for you? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What kind of transportation will we be using?

A: During your tour you’ll be transported via comfortable Mercedes vehicles complete with air conditioning & WiFi access – ensuring maximum comfort & convenience throughout your journey!  

Q: Are there any age restrictions/requirements?

A: No – Outlander Tours are suitable for all ages! However please note that certain activities may not be suitable for young children due to safety guidelines set by operators within attractions etc. 

Q: What type of clothing should I wear for my Outlander Tour? 

A: We recommend dressing comfortably according to weather conditions – especially if visiting outdoors locations during colder months – layers are always best when traveling in the Highlands!  

Q: Will I get much free time during my tour? 

A: Yes – whilst visits to attractions may vary depending on group size/schedule – each tour also allocates plenty of free time allowing visitors plenty of opportunity to explore independently or soak up some local atmosphere/culture at their leisure!

So why not join us on an awesome adventure through time and experience first-hand what it was like living in 18th century Scotland? Whether you’re planning an Outlander Tour for a special occasion or simply looking for something unique to do while visiting the area – let us help make your visit even more memorable with our bespoke Outlander Tour packages today!

Outlander Tours from Edinburgh

We provide Private Outlander Tours from Edinburgh in our luxury mercedes V Class and  S Class vehicles. We can collect you from Edinburgh Airport or any hotel or location in the area. We provide tours of Scotland across the country so you 

Private Outlander Tour Guided – Good for Small Groups

All of our Outlander tours are private guided tours in luxury mercedes vehicles. Our vehicles can carry between 1 – 7 guests in comfort. Our vehicles allow you to go off the beaten track and see scenery and locations not available on the larger Outlander coach tours of Scotland. 

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Central Scotland

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh featured in both the Outlander novels and the television series

Blackness Castle (Outlander: Fort William)

A View of Blackness Castle fro the outside on a sunny day
Blackness Castle the set of Fort William on an Outlander Tour

Blackness Castle ruins stepped in Fort William in the show and the site where Black Jack Randall infamously flogged Jamie Fraser in the series.

Falkland, Fife

Visit to Falkland village which is the set of Inverness in Outlander.

Clava Cairns, Culloden Battlefield – Outlander Standing Stones

Clava Cairns Tour

4000 year old neolithic burial cairns near Culloden Battlefield which provided the inspiration for

Outlander: Midhope Castle “Lallybroch”, Central Scotland

Lallybroch was the fictional home home of Jamie and Claire in the TV series. The Castle grounds are open to the public for a photo opportunity, but due to the condition of the building internal viewing is not available. 

Outlander: Falkland (“Inverness”), Central Scotland

Falkland stepped in for 1940’s Inverness 

Outlander: Linlithgow Palace (“Wentworth Prison”), Central Scotland

Linlithgow Palace is one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks with a long and fascinating history. 

This magnificent 15th century palace was once the primary residence of the Stewart kings and queens, including Mary Queen of Scots who was born here in 1542. 

The palace also features in the popular TV series Outlander, where it plays host to some exciting scenes featuring Claire Fraser and her Jacobite allies. 

Visiting today, visitors can explore the ruins of this grand palace while learning about its rich history, from its links to Bonnie Prince Charlie to its role as a centre of power during the tumultuous Jacobite Uprising. 

Whether you’re an Outlander fan or just interested in Scottish history, a visit to Linlithgow Palace will provide an unforgettable journey into Scotland’s past.

Outlander: Doune Castle “Castle Leoch”, Central Scotland

An Outlander film set tour would not be complete without a visit to Castle Doune. Doune Castle is a well-preserved medieval fortress situated near the town of Stirling in Scotland. Built in the late 14th century, the castle has an impressive history stretching back centuries, having served as a royal residence and military stronghold. Its most famous role was as the fictional ‘Castle Leoch’ in the popular TV series Outlander. 

On a visit to Doune Castle you can explore its many towers and battlements, learn about its fascinating past, and get an insight into life at this historical fortress. With its links to Scotland’s turbulent past and a starring role in one of television’s biggest shows, Doune Castle provides a great day out for both history and Outlander fans alike!

Highland Folk Museum, Cairngorms, Highlands

Filming location for Outlander Season 1 and a great insight to Highland life in years gone by. 

Glencoe, Highlands

Scenic shots for Outlander were filmed here. Glen Coe is a popular scenic location for many box office hits, including Bond Films, Outlaw King, Mary Queen of Scots and many more. 

Outlander: Deanston Distillery “Le Havre”, Central Scotland

Deanston Distillery is a great additional stop when visiting Doune Castle. Deanston Distilery was the filming location for “Le Havre” the wine warehouse. “Le Havre’ is where Claire Fraser spotted The Compt St Germain’s men with the Plague.